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Monday - Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm
Saturday 9:00am - :1.00pm
MAXX CAR RENTAL is an OFFSITE Rental Company located in the Best Western Toronto Airport Hotel. Please call for free shuttle .
Pick up Location :- Viscount Station
From T1: Take escalators to door C to level 2, Take the Link train to Viscount Station. Take the elevators from the platform to the ground level.
From T3: Take the elevator at door D to level 3. Take the link train to Viscount Station and proceed to the ground level.

Pet Policy
Pet Policy: Pet policies vary by location. Please contact central reservations to determine the policy for your rental location. For locations allowing pets, additional cleaning charges will be incurred for excess dirt, stains, and pet hair.

Non-smoking policy
What is the Maxx Car Rental policy on smoking in vehicles?
Maxx is committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers and employees. In order to better deliver on this commitment, all Maxx vehicles are non-smoking. A $175 cleaning fee may be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking.

Maxx has committed to providing a safe, clean fleet for our customers and employees. In order to achieve this, the decision has been made to implement a non-smoking policy for all vehicles.

Millage Limitations
Unlimited KM special packages to USA and Canada are available, but minimum 3 days rental is required to get these packages. Unlimited mileage package does apply to all of our vehicles.

The maximum kilometers allowed per contract or per reservation are 3000 kms, 3000 kilometers are allowed as long as the vehicle remains within Ontario. If the vehicle travels outside of Ontario, kilometers are 200kmdaily, 1400km/weekly, 4000km/monthly. Local renter’s mileage is restricted to 200kmdaily, 1400km/Weekly & 4000kmmonthly. 10/12/15 passenger vans are 150 kmsper day. The additional mileage will be charged depending on the vehicle size.

407 - ETR/Traffic ticket
Please be advised If you use 407 ETR or if you are being involved in infraction any traffic law or rule during the rental period and we receive any 407 ETR bill or any notice of impending conviction of the infraction; at our office for you after the rental period, a minimum of $35.00 will apply as an administration fee, in addition to the accumulated cost of applicable toll charges and/or the set fine amount of the ticket.

Your credit card will be charged by MAXX CAR RENTAL.
within 5 working day from the date we receive any such charges and you will be inform accordingly in due course of time, if need be.

Thank You

Driver Licenses and Requirements
Any valid North American and International licenses are accepted. All non residents of Canada must carry a valid passport.

Drivers licences with restrictions must check with their local province/state laws. You can't rent car on Ontario G2 Licence

Age Requirements
Minimum Age: 23
Age 23 to 24
Age 25 and over
Minimum Age: 23 Age 23 to 25 - $15 Surcharge applies. Age 21+ for Moving Trucks Age 23+ for regular cars/minivans/SUVs Age 25+ 10/12 passenger vans

Additional Drivers
4 additional drivers permitted an additional charge of $ 6.99 applies per day(per additional driver)
Additional drivers permitted at an additional charge of $6.99 per daily (per additional driver)

Fuel Policy
Vehicles must be returned with the fuel tank: Full
Fuel surcharges will apply. Price depends on current market. Ask at counter.

Deposit Requirements
Cash deposits are not accepted.
Maxx Car Rental accepts the following rental deposits:
VISA, Master Card, AMEX, Discover

Payment Methods
Maxx Car Rental accepts the following methods of payment:
Debit Card, VISA, Master Card, Discover, JCB, Cash

Pick-ups and Drop-offs
No Charge Pick-ups and drop-offs available at airport, hotels and at Pick up service is not avalable after hr.

Optional Charges and Coverage
Credit Card LDW Coverage
195.72 per month
26.97 per 3 days
48.93 per week
8.99 per day
You can receive the Visa Auto Rental Collision/Loss Damage Insurance coverage at no additional cost. Remember,This protection does not extend to third-party liability (property damage, injury or death resulting from an accident) or the loss of personal effects.
Collision/Loss Damage Waiver - $1500 deductible
335.72 per month
47.97 per 3 days
114.93 per week
15.99 per day
Collision/Loss Damage Waiver - $1000 deductible
559.72 per month
65.97 per 3 days
153.93 per week
21.99 per day
Collision/Loss Damage Waiver - $500 deductible
615.72 per month
77.97 per 3 days
174.93 per week
25.99 per day
12 Passenger CDW/LDW 2500 Deductible
615.72 per month
74.97 per 3 days
174.93 per week
24.99 per day
12 Passenger CDW/LDW 1500 Deductible
1119.72 per month
119.97 per 3 days
279.93 per week
39.99 per day
$0 dedutible Tire&windshield Damage Waiver
129.00 per month
17.97 per 3 days
37.99 per week
5.99 per day
Package of 500 Kilometers ($ 80 Per Item)
80.00 fixed
Package of 1000 Kilometers ($ 150 Per Item)
150.00 fixed
Package of 500 Kilometers (70 CADPer Item)
70.00 fixed
Package of 500 Kilometers ($ 60 Per Item)
60.00 fixed
Unlimited Mileage
1800.00 per month
288.00 per 3 days
560.00 per week
96.00 per day
Additional Driver
45.43 per week
6.99 per day
20.97 per 3 days
175.00 per month
One additional driver, including one under age driver could be added to these vehicle: Compact, economy, Mid size and, Full size cars. Two additional drivers, including one under age driver could be added to these vehicle: Mini van and suv. Under age driver surcharge do apply. Two additional drivers, ages 25 plus could be added to our 12 Passenger vans, only at the time of check in at an additional charge of 6.99 per addl driver per day.
49.00 per week
7.99 per day
23.97 per 3 days
167.72 per month
Child Seat
27.93 per week
5.99 per day
17.97 per 3 days
150.00 per month
Travelling outside Ontario
150.00 per month
17.97 per 3 days
34.93 per week
5.99 per day
Traveling To U.S.A
62.93 per week
9.99 per day
29.97 per 3 days
250.00 per month
Under Age Driver
250.00 per month
29.97 per 3 days
69.93 per week
9.99 per day
Two Under Age Drivers could be added to this vehicle. Under Age Driver surcharge do apply.
Unlimited Mileage
1600.00 per month
225.00 per 3 days
440.00 per week
75.00 per day
Travelling outside Alberta
150.00 per month
17.97 per 3 days
34.93 per week
5.99 per day

Cancelation Policy
All cancellations are subjected to a one day rental charge. Cancellations must be submitted 72 hrs prior to pickup time to avoid full rental charge as per reservation. This applies for compact, mid-size, full size, and premium cars. Due to high demand on our fleet during high season, (May 15 - Sep 30) all cancellations on confirmed reservations are subjected to full rental charges as per the reservation. This applies for Minivans, SUVs, luxury & exotic vehicles, convertibles and moving trucks. THERE IS NO CANCELLATION ON CONFIRMED RESERVATION FOR 7, 8, 10 & 12 PASSENGER VEHICLES, all cancellation on these vehicles reservations are subject to full rental charge; sorry, no exceptions. In some cases, company may, on its discretion give some discount on the charges. No-shows are subject to full rental charges as per the reservation

Insurance and Coverage
Collision/Liability & Damage Waiver Personal vehicle Insurance may have transferable coverage to a rental vehicle or check your credit card company for coverage. Proof of personal coverage is required if declining our CDW/LDW. If renter is unable to provide such proof, the purchase of one of our collision damage packages would be required. If CDW/LDW is declined, you personally assume full responsibility for the total cash value of the vehicle or any damages incurred while rented to you. Tire and Windshield Waiver ($0 Deductible) This coverage reduces your financial responsibility for any damages to either the tire or windshield of the vehicle to $150.00

Geographic Restrictions
We allow outside Ontario, conditions apply.

Pre Paid Rentals
If in any case, because of any valid reason, the renter wants to do the key dropoff in the absence of the rental agency representative, then the renter has to pre-pay the amount for the length of the rental, in addition to the certain pre-authorized amount that will also be on hold for certain period to take care of any other miscellaneous charges that may arrise after the rental is checked in.

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